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  • Pirouette Mini and Pro-Lowest price

    $90.00 $84.00

    Pirouette Mini and Pro

    • Recycled, treated wood
    • Rubber (bumpers)
    • Non-skid adhesive
    • Acrylic (finish)
    • Metal spinning mechanism (concealed)


    • Holds up to 500 lbs.
    • Stays in place during spinning
    • Non-skid and non-slipping
    • Acrylic treatment that repels moisture


    • 12"L X 12"W X 2"H
    • 4.375 lbs
    • The Pirouette Mini is a smaller, more portable model especially suitable for beginners - intermediate dancers who are just beginning to turn.  Because the Pirouette Pro is higher off the ground and requires more challenging weight distribution, it is more appropriate for  intermediate dancers who are already turning.and experienced dancers who are  turning on releve.