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  • Quattro Traveler G2

    $159.00 $139.99

    The Quattro Traveler G2 

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    New Features!

    • 100 % full adjustable height rack
    • Internal retractable pole system 
    • Front to Back, fully adjustable lid
    • Hanger bracket (replaces the traditional D-rings)
    • USB Port Integration
    • Setup in seconds
    • Durable Faux Snakeskin 

    Designed specifically for the dancer/traveler or a mini competition day

    • 4 or more costumes
    • 3 outside pockets plus a side mesh pocket
    • 5 interior pockets and compartments

    **Accessories are an additional fee

    Mini costume garment bag is a Black base. Choice of zipper color.

    An advanced system designed for the maximum capacity in a small space.

    • Featuring 3 large zippered external pockets. 
    • Two large zippered pockets on the interior lid and 3 additional pockets in the interior. 
    • Extra large side mesh pocket
    • Adjustable rack size extending up to 28 inches wide.
    • Locking double quad wheels for stability and support. 
    • Flexible handles on the top and the side of the bag. Trolley handle is built for a heavy duty bag allowing you to push or pull the bag while gliding on a superior wheel system.
    • Rear protective skid rails
    • The entire bag is supported by a full steel frame and an additional aluminum frame making this a super solid bag!

    • Featuring an additional one inch of zippered expandable area
    • Hold up to 6 costumes


    • 22 inches in height (add 2 inches for wheels).
    • 14 inches wide
    • 9 inches in depth with a 1 inch zip/unzip expansion.  Adequate to store the suggested amount of costumes with D-rings to hold the costumes in place
    • Weight is approximately 10 lbs