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  • Rac n Roll 4x Dual


    Rac n Roll 4x Dual

    The newest design collection from the originator of all rolling bag closets! Now on 4 wheels!

    New Rac n Roll 4x features:

    •         High quality fabric
    •         Durable multi-directional wheels, rotating 360 degrees 
    •         Stool pocket located on the outside of the bag
    •         Removable Velcro patch on the left pocket allowing you to customize your own bag
    •         Brand new grey interior liner
    •         New end pieces and updated side rods with a clean finish
    •         Two elastic straps inside
    •         Lightweight
    •         Strong metal frame

    *Accessories NOT included*

    Medium  17" x 14" x 29  Rack height: 52 inches

    Large 17" x 14" x 34" Rack height: 57 inches

    This item ship via UPS Ground Shipping ONLY.